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The healthcare industry in Hannover is booming. It employs approximately 76,000 people – roughly 15% of the social-security-contributing workforce, making healthcare the largest industry. Hannover has the largest offering of public hospitals, ranging up to super maximum care. It is a pioneer in cutting-edge, patient-focused research. The level of digitisation in healthcare is increasing simultaneously. The reasons for this include an aim to improve quality and commercial success.

We have identified this potential, which is why we are bringing together the big players in the local healthcare industry with the Digital Health City Hannover (DHCH) network. The initiative provides a high level of connectivity, supports existing active networks and builds links between them. It develops new instruments, is familiar with the influential stakeholders and brings them together. We guide and support innovative start-ups, existing companies and structural projects in the field of digital health.


Hannover’s digital health community sets standards by giving intensive support to integrative thinking, responsible conduct and innovative entrepreneurialism among the players in the healthcare industry.


A closely connected and active digital health ecosystem in Hannover with expertise and an international reputation.

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We see DHCH as an integrative network that calls for the convergence and intercommunication of diverse players in the health industry. We are a global player for the future of digital health and we care for people across different cultures and position ourselves and Hannover internationally as an influencer of the future of digital health.


Our work is characterised by our constant mutual trust. We keep sight of the human aspect and are always available for our network participants. We treat each other respectfully and appreciatively are empathetic and act with integrity. Our motto is: “You’ll never walk alone.”


We are qualified, we are able to act decisively and we are constantly developing. We know the big players in the digital health sector and have the knowledge, capabilities, skills and judgement to steer the network that connects service providers and payers as well as businesses and academia.


We shape and live the future. We promote innovation in digital health by guiding and supporting innovative start-ups and structural projects. In doing so, we are prepared to explore new, as yet unknown paths.


We are driven by our objectives of promoting business, supporting innovation and shaping the future of digital health. To achieve them, we have developed a variety of formats and services that are aligned with the needs of our target audiences.

  • From support when starting a company
  • advice on acquiring and applying for funding
  • developing a business model
  • connecting with the digital health community in Digital Health City Hannover
  • Talk to us!


Business development in healthcare – an insight

The Digital Health Masterclass is an online workshop format with a modular structure. Do you want to know more about the german healthcare system? The technical, regulatory and data protection requirements when developing a business model? This workshop provides an initial, compact insight into the requirements for business development in the heavily regulated healthcare sector. We look forward to seeing you there!


Finding success through connections

The Digital Health Talk Hannover presents local health-related projects. It shares knowledge and connects relevant people in order to establish links within Hannover’s healthcare community. Numerous companies, start-ups, projects from science and research as well as experts from the digital health environment present their ideas and a discussion follows. These sessions are short and sweet and always take place on a Friday once a month from 10:00 to 10:25 a.m. Register now and be there!

Digital health talk #13
Digital health talk #13 - Video

Health Services in native Languages

Digital Health Talk #12
Digital health talk #12 - Video

Business Angels in Digital Health

Digital Health Talk #9
Digital health talk #9 - Video

Boosting Mental Health with Gamification? (German)

Digital Health Talk #8
Digital health talk #8 - Video

Follow-Up Care Goes Digital

Digital Health Talk #7
Digital health talk #7 - Video

Robotics in Medicine (German)

Digital Health Talk #6
Digital health talk #6 - Video

VR Applications in Therapy

Digital Health Talk #5
Digital health talk #5 - Video

November Science Month – Rebirth Active (German)

Digital Health Talk #4
Digital health talk #4 - Video

Digital Nursing – More Time for the People (German)

Digital Health Talk #3
Digital health talk #3 - Video

DiGA – a Company’s Journey to Implement Health Apps on Prescription

Digital Health Talk #2
Digital health talk #2 - Video

Future Rescue – the Digitalization of Rescue Services

Digital Health Talk #1
Digital health talk #1 - Video

Medical Practice Solutions – the Age of Digital Dental Clinics

Anyone who has an idea – be it in relation to trending innovation themes like femtech, digital health or innovative healthcare business models – can find support with this programme. It offers a diverse range of potential suggestions and content.

This incubator helps start-ups and company founders to enhance health services and ideas using agile methods in order to achieve lasting effectiveness for solutions in the healthcare industry. In conjunction with our network, the FHI provides know-how, professional mentoring and industry contacts. It also helps its target audiences to find funding.


Application-oriented product development for medical care

This is a growing centre for test environments for application-focused product development and co-innovation in the healthcare sector. Whether digital or analogue, the topics range from nursing to the provision of healthcare. The space creates an innovation culture within Hannover’s healthcare field, and that in turn creates spillover effects. An innovative environment like this has positive effects on the working environments for healthcare employees, which also provides a problem-solving approach for the current shortage of skilled workers in this area.

The goal is to establish an offering for businesses and research organisations so that they can develop new products that are aligned with actual needs in close collaboration with medical and nursing workers. There is a focus on integration with test environments. Using them, everyday experience can be tracked and studied directly.

Our goals

The active digital health community in Hannover develops innovative technologies, products, solutions and business models for future-oriented patient healthcare.

Hannover has an active digital health ecosystem as fertile ground for all health stakeholders to improve health care and be economically successful.

Hannover is seen internationally as a trailblazing location for digital health. Our network acts as a point of contact and offers a platform for interested people worldwide.


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Industry Development

Dr. Andreas Müller

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Project Manager
Medical Technology & Life Science
hannoverimpuls GmbH

+49 511 300 33331
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Cornelia Körber

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Project Manager
Medical Technology & Life Science
hannoverimpuls GmbH

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Lesley Plön

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Project Manager
Medical Technology & Life Science
hannoverimpuls GmbH

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Melissa Jung

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Project Manager
Digital Economy
hannoverimpuls GmbH

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Anna Klose

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Project Manager
hannoverimpuls GmbH

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Female Health Incubator start-up advisory service

Dominique Gußmag

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Project Manager
Founding & Entrepreneurship
hannoverimpuls GmbH

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